Fuck it, dont think, dont delete and don’t stop. I dont even know what I’m thinking right now. I think I think too much though. I dont even think that makes sense. But what sense is there in making sense. OK this is getting a little too rhetorical so I’m gonna stop bullshitting and actually talk about something.

I learned a lot of lessons over the last year, and some of them were harder to swallow than others. I think one of the things that I learned that I really needed to was the difference between business and personal. A lot of times, you want to think that your business is personal, and as humans its pretty natural for us to want people to like us. Its in our nature, no one that I know wants to feel like an outcast. And even outcasts want to feel like there are other outcasts that know what they’re going through.

So in the midst of separating business from pleasure, I lost my grandmother, which set me back even further. I think about her a lot and got her initials tattooed on my in inside of my right arm. Oddly enough both tattoos on my left arm are for her. The first one that I ever got was after I came home from college and saw her in the hospital on a respirator. It says invincible. The newest one that I got for her over the summer has her initials (which are also my initials) and the years she lived (1925-2008).

Tattoos I think are one of the best ways to get to know somebody…they’re with you for life, mostly they’re pretty well thought out. I have 7 or 8 now (2 blend together), a basquiat crown over my heart (the misunderstood genius), “Great Is Not Good Enough” on my right arm (the hand I write with), a fafinette under my logo (keep my girl near me at all times), and a H with a flag coming out of it that I designed that says “Harlem USA.” So I guess if you were to try and create some sort of 30 second summary of who I am it would be a misunderstood genius from Harlem that doesnt let a lot of things bother him, has a healthy obsession with women, loves and misses his grandmother that puts pressure on himself to achieve a level beyond greatness. Now stop saying you dont know who Esso is. Thanks.

Happy EThousand9



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