Hello world,

This is Stephen aka apple juice kid. checking with steve-o. I have been at a photo shoot all day with Hannibal Matthews, in Atlanta shooting my group, Freebass 808 with suede. I am sitting here on my laptop in the studio, just watched the new keri hilson video on knowxone blog, a friend of mine i check out every once in a while….i guess everyone has their favorite few blogs they go to everyday. Hallway over at illroots brought me into this blog world a few months ago. I really love it. Everything is so instantaneous, especially for people like me who are so impatient. As a producer, my impatience helps my output….it also hurts my perfection….but art is better to me grimey, rough around the edges, where you can just hear the idea, and the amount of polish around the idea is optional, not a neccesity. Been thinking about this a lot, because my computer crashed with a trojan virus a few days ago. I really promise, to never never never try to download music illegally from some random russian site that came up like number 20 on my google blog search for an mp3 I was trying to sample for a Camp Lo song. I will buy from amazon or itunes. I PROMISE. or maybe every once in a while download from a reputable blog…but never a russion site that i can’t understand, except the title of the song.

So…..Back to the shoot. I have been immersed in clothes, sunglasses, and now Halos and Vines. Suede and I have a company, La Universe, and we are helping to put out a great clothing line. Taking product shots now. I am so not a writer….I am a beat maker, producer, drummer. I wish I could speak to everyone reading this. Thank you for listening to my stream of consciousness. Steve-o. you are dope for thinking of this concept. Ideas are so valuable, especially when executed.

Much love to everyone reading this in the blog-world.

Apple Juice.



  1. 1 Steve-O x Apple Juice « La Universe Trackback on November 21, 2008 at 1:40 am

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