Who we are, are not like them. They see what we predicted. They call us ahead of our time when we are neither late nor early. Motherfuckers we are right on schedule. Don’t question me, appreciate me. I don’t even need you to understand me. Dogs still can’t speak english. And don’t get offended we are all animals. Some of us just choose not to accept it. Life is real whether you choose to live it or not. This morning I wore what I felt and didn’t see anybody who looked like me all day. You do the math. There is no square root to this equation. Nigga do I look like a product to you? I’m more like the subject, and I climax everyday. Did I mention I was celibate? I gave up fucking the world a long time ago. Now we just live together. Agreeing to disagree. Your dance space, my dance space. I had a few more examples, but I think you get the picture.

So don’t like me, she does and that’s cool. Niggas aint like me since we started switching classes. That was my first experience with niggas and periods. Years later I’m immune to old dumb shit. Plus I met niggas like me, and they had girlfriends who liked them, so now it’s all crew love with cool motherfuckers not like you…..




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