I sit back and think about a lot of things. Why this world is the way it is. Why fam can’t get a decent job. Why are so many souls lost? Why can’t niggas support niggas? Unfortunately a lot of people today front like they about the ’cause but don’t step up to the plate when times get ruff. They’re more worried about who’s fly, who’s this…, who’s that. Then they get mad when they see their family get’n locked up, made fun of or killed. Why you mad nigga? Where were you when petey got shot? Oh that’s right, cop’n them new kicks. Where were you when Jasmine was get’n beat by some next nigga? Oh yea, you was at the club. Where’s the unity? It’s in the money I guess.. ’cause that’s the only time niggas wana get together. They’ll be first people online when kicks drop but can’t show up to a community meeting to discuss problems in the hood. Damn kid … Niggas is lost, Niggas is jealous, Niggas is hate’n…. on themselves! Look around you nigga, all you got is you. Your people. Your family, Your hood. But niggas don’t want that. They want the flashing lights, the fame, the fortune. Well guess what nigga. As long as “Money is on yo mind’ that’s all you gona be… A Nigga. Now niggas wana get tight when they see another nigga trying to do good for other niggas. Why you tight my nigga? Cuz i’m not get’n it pop’n on the corner? Cuz i got tired of seeing family cracked out? Nah son, well i’m good. I just read a book that made my day… yea nigga, i snuck to the library while niggas was rob’n chino. And I found out something about myself, I aslo found something out about you. But you don’t wana hear dat… nah…but it’s all good ’cause get what? I’m no longer a nigga. I’m a king .. yea i know i may not look like it. i don’t got the fancy jewels, I don’t got the lavish life, heck I’m still rock’n the same kicks since last year but guess what nigga….. you a king too! and untill you step up to the plate and realize that, all you gona be is a nigga. “cause that’s all we know each other as… Niggas. … so my nigga are you ready? nah scratch dat.. my King… I know you ready.

Quan Luv


1 Response to “WORDS FROM QUAN LUV- ………………..”

  1. 1 kris January 1, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Us black people can be hypocrites.

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