I feel fucking sick!

I feel underappreciated by some of these rapper niggas like Wale for example. Yeah, I said WALE from DC. I have been thinking about this since CMJ. Everyone else that I fuck with on the new rapper tip shows me love cept that nigga. Maybe its my big fucking ego but damn nigga have I not hooked you the fuck up with some classic shits? I have taken a few classics for you. I have seen you “rock” like 6 times in NYC. I have introduced myself to you, just to be sure you knew who I was. I even asked you if you knew my site…nigga said “ umm yeah I think I been to is once or twice” Nigga my fucking photo was ya main shit on ya myspace fuck out of here!

So yeah, what really pushed my off from fucking with him was at that shit at CMJ. Dude said what up to everyone and I had to go out my way to say what up to him and he still acted like he didn’t know what was up. So now I am on some fuck that nigga shit. No more pics! I don’t give a fuck if he blows to be the next who ever. Fuck him and from what I have heard…MAD NIGGAS feel the same way about him. I am not gonna blast who HATES him too but just know. Wale is not well liked around the way.

Shouts to Mickey, Cudi, Cool Kids, Asher, Pac Div and anyone else that I have ever taken pics off that has showed the kid some love!

I am really sick too. I have some kinda chest thing going on. So I am writing this from my bed with only 5 hours sleep cause I keep waking up coughing and shit.
Yo I hate it when I am in a building and gotta go way up to the 14th floor and some fat fuck comes in an takes the elevator up one floor. I hate that lazy fat man shit! Fuck out of here with that.
Ok now I feel better.



Ps. I want a shirt Steve!!

Mel From Village Slum



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