Jesse Boykins III –The NEW Take Over

The Time is come .. I been saying that all month- shit, all year Reading up on my history, realizing everything happens for a reason and right when its supposed to…

At the same time I’m a firm believer of speaking things into existence, talking yourself up til you can see your words formulate to something physical in your head.. step by step , day by day

I feel like its about that time where passion is coming back into play(getting to maintstream), where hunger is gonna weed out the non sense even weed out music that aint that bad.. I feel like Our
generation is the answer , The answer to a lot of shit, not just music.

Were smarter, and at least where I live in BK all we do is hustle.. NY period really…

History in the making, Timeless Visionaries

Im just glad to be apart of the movement , to be apart of the Present Future Cuz I LOVE Music , fuck a gimmick, and fuck not being Legendary.

Cuz the goal is to TAKE OVER hearts, eyes, ears, and talk One person at a time …..

Jessie Boykins III



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