I just turned 21.

I honestly woke up this morning with the sun in my face and something screaming Wake Up Ang. I want to hear that shit everyday but only to convince me to change my routine. Everyday its two vibrations and a tone, class and work, homework and sleep.(“i got a feeling, its automatic”) In the midst of all that, I am trying to weed out all of the bullshit and see what’s real. But I wonder, if all we have are representations of real what do we have? Real recognize real so why is everybody pretending? I am 21 and yes thats still young but it is never too early to start peeling off the layers of unnecessary. What I find keen to my existence right now is the surrounding individuals who cloud my brain with inspiration. I have the most innovative friends whose imaginations link so well with the unspoken thoughts of my own. That shit warms me. That shit kills me. That shit is real. Sometimes I do question the fact that school might just have been a waste of time because I could be doing something else more exciting but I know that shit will pay off. Just look at Obama.

I just turned 21

And parties are dumb. Same crowd. Its the same wack posing ass niggas who think their sweaty asses have a chance. WTF. Please. I want some excitement. I want to be excited as I was as I sat in the Sunshine theatre in LES and watched this puny Frenchmen walk across a tightrope in between the twin towers. That shit was worth while; to see a ageless face of concentration. It was worthwhile to see the magnetic personalities that inspire, intrigue and provide fuel for our own rebellion. I want to get out of this confined box of mine and walk the tightrope that is not tapered to rules. Forget Rules. Rebellion propels you to self fulfilment. And that dude Philippe did that. And if I want to find some self-fulfillment I gotta get on my wire and perform for the people. Yea I am in school, yea I gotta work, yea I gotta pay rent, but who doesn’t have responsibilities. We choose to be sumerged. I always use “I got to write a paper” as an excuse not to go to this event or that event. But I do sometimes have that time to read up, to get inspired, to go see Man on wire. People, we choose not to be inspired. We confine our selves in cognitive thinking and living through permanent and limiting expectations. Take what you see and make it Inpsiration. Its all in you. And me. And your mom.

So I just turned 21

And I am getting the fuck up and I want you to too.

“If you cant be a leader, follow your heart.”
Love you Mickey!!




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