I feel like people are always asking me what’s on my mind. At times by default I say “nothing”, to say something because if I said everything I was thinking they’d think I was crazy. When you have so much going on its often hard to figure out where to start.

What am I thinking right now? I’m cold!!!! I got in from Miami about an hour ago I was so not prepared for the cold to try to bite off my fingers. Miami was fun though, but kind of wasn’t what I thought it would be. Sometimes when I have high expectations of places and people and so at times I wonder if I was not what they thought I’d be as well.

I did 3 shows this past weekend and each was a different experience. Last night’s was my favorite though, I like performing for crazy people. The host”ess” was in drag, the acts were all very erotica, burlesque, and I was clearly the most “normal” performer there. Which is funny because at the other shows I did I was the “different” one. Different and normal are such funny words to me and really have no clear definition especially when someone tries to describe you as that. But that’s a whole nother conversation.

Anywho back to NY, and I’m not sure I’m ready for the cold in more ways then one. Winter brings a lot more then just snow, cold goes a lot deeper; emotionally, holidays, recession, all the BS that being cold in your apt reminds you of. Its going to be a cold winter….so I’m going to keep running away to a warmer life whenever I get the chance.




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