I want to literally disappear…

not because i’m an introvert or anything (far from it)…but because i’m getting lost in this mundane city…can someone tell me when did New York lose its soul. Like i’d rather be ghost, then lost in mediocrity.

I dont want you to think I’m bitter or anything, far from it. Some folks complain, then there are those who are the catalyst for change [insert the Obama praises here, for all you groupies] That’s what I am, that’s what my team is. A cot damn catalyst [sorry if you failed chemistry and don’t understand…] A friend of mine recently txtd me asking, “Do you know your purpose in life?” It was a very valid question, not to say I’m not doing anything, cus I’m doing everything. But there are folks that are moving at 100mph, but don’t know where they’re going…sad really [watch out for that brick wall up ahead] So she, always making sure I remain grounded, checks in on me from time to time, to “chin check” me so to say. I tell her “my purpose is to be the catalyst for the resurgence in nyc culture, more importantly black culture in NY.” We go back and forth via txt for like 40 min, going in depth about exactly what I mean…too much for me to type.

In essence what was said was, “for the past 10 years they’ve been beating us over the head with the same thing [not saying its not good, just the same]…for 10 years..something is wrong with that. We live in NYC, a melting pot, with various characters and perspectives. If we don’t showcase those stories, experiences, all of that through our music, art, literature, etc., then we will begin to lose our identity and everyone will be the same.” Next time a kid says they want to be a rapper, slap em, and tell them to turn the radio off…word to Fiddy

I’m the ghost of this shit – Saint

2 Responses to “WORDS FROM SAINT- I’M GHOST”

  1. 1 Neo Cosmos December 1, 2008 at 4:22 am

    I feel like a modern day Harlem Renaissance is coming, courtesy of the Saint & Company!

  2. 2 KMiLT January 5, 2009 at 6:21 am

    Me speaking, as a 16 year old young man, I find that in the best way, the most soul cleansing thing I’ve heard in a LONG time. Really, though I live complete opposite to NY {Florida}, I understand completely, the economic and social depth of America in general is like that. For some reason people are afraid to express themselves or there culture or what they represent. It’s a shame, to hell with that, it’s a PITY. And from my viewpoint it’s rather difficult to come to one of those people and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I guess in the end, ignorance spreads, and no one else has a say in the matter but God. But in tactical uprising of political, social, economical, nationwide, worldwide, and even INDIVIDUAL intelligence, we meed to take stand and put something on the business table. Never again to be cast aside and laughed at by the ones outside looking in, the words you speak….is nothing but the truth.

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