Right now I’m in LA. I’m staying in the valley. I’m drawing a lot of inspiration as well as information for my upcoming album. I’ve been preparing it for awhile. I was actually with a dude who worked for Quincy Jones last night who opened my eyes to how to create an album. He said Quincy and Michael both made over 100 songs. And they placed those songs on Off The Wall and Thriller. It was a process of cutting songs down. Beat It was the last record they did. Mike didn’t wanna do it cause it was the only rock record on the album and it didn’t mesh with the sound. Its crazy because I’m going thru the same thing with my team. Specifically with Steve. He wants Fame, Today is Tomorrow and Rocker to make it. I want to save them.

But after that convo, I realized that those were Mike’s 2 best albums and his first 2 solo albums. I think I’m finally gonna give in… Btw my favorite song is Beat It. Smh. I fuck with you Steve. Your a genius on the low…

Look out for these songs: Glass Slipper, Sleeping Beauty, Batteries Not Included, Open Season, Someday and Deaf (Hear Me)




  1. 1 Khryss December 17, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    Def come a long way… 🙂

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