Yo since I been young every time I wud be in a creative state and do something real innovative I would see it done on TV or by another artist or person. They say great minds think alike so I never get to mad.

Now Q-tip has a album out called “The Renaissance”. President Obama’s wife’s nick name in the CIA is Renaissance. Look it up im not lieing. I even skimmed past a movie called Renaissance on TV last night. Dead ASS.

So I was very very tight like always. Ready to give up. Thats why I slowed down after my first album. Because I gave my album out to a certain artist and then I heard a bunch of bits and samples that I used being used and song titles. Just crazy shit. My first album was called Educated Retro back in 2003. Had sum old skool vibes on it. And then blamm the retro/ nostalgic feel in our culture occurred. Of course im not saying i started anything. That would be a dick head statement. But im just saying at times I can anticipate great things that are surging in our culture. And im just being my self I never look for these things its just me. I have a forward thinking mind. I even feel weird writing this cuz im humble and I don’t talk alot of shit about my self. Some people don’t even know I do music or whatever. Just because i’m not like that to juss spit out my resume to everyone you know.

But this time im not going to be a baby ima keep going on with my shit.

I called my next mixtape Mustafa’s Renaissance due to the fact that people kept calling me a Renaissance man and nick names like malcolm and mustafa.

I am a Renaissance man. Not because its the hot thing to do or the word of the day but its because I love doing all the things I do and i have a deep passion for them.




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