Just in general. Happy to be alive. Happy to be free. Yesterday, i was very uninspired. Stupid bored at life. The whole shit was predictable. I started reading random blogs i didn’t usually read. I came across some words by Lambo. I posted it on my blog. It made me feel alittle better about my boredom. i started hitting people up to see how life was going for them. The responses i got were interesting. I had to share em with the world. I felt like it was my duty to spread the words of my family and friends. I know that I feel like life is boring. But i can’t take it for granted. It could all get taken away from me in a heartbeat. I love everyone in my life. Whether they are mad at me or not. Life is too short to dwell on the past. Move forward. Recessions eventually come to an end. Rainy days turn into sunshine. Being Bored turned into something creative.

Precize literally just made me appreciate every person in my life. Once that person is gone. They are gone for good. CurT@!n$ is literally the most nonchalant person i ever met. Shit could really be crazy, and he acts like it’s nothing. Melo-X is always upset. lol. I respect it though because it shows how passionate he is about his craft. Jaq is living his dream. Lambo inspires me on low. I hate calling her Lambo though. There’s more to her than a name. Mick is my motherfuckin brother. I always call him like, “You know your the underdog righ…” He hits me back like, “No, I’m the overdog.” we struggle dumb hard. That XXL cover meant more to us than anyone could imagine. NO DEAL, NO COSIGN, NO MARKETING FIRM, NO MANAGEMENT, and NO PR COMPANY…… FUCK WITH US! Saint is Saint, and he said some Saint shit that makes him the ghost. He makes me work harder because everything is regular to him. So when he saids something is hot, you know it is. Shyvonne is like my favorite girl. We don’t speak like we use to but i can honestly say i love her. We lived in the same household for 3 months and she held it down for me. She inspires me to follow my dreams.

The power of words. The right coupling of words can become timeless, to be remembered for generations. At times we can take our words as well as others for granted. I thought I’d start a segment, that would capture the words of my close and respected friends and colleagues. Their world, their perspective, their insights in words that should not be taken for granted. They are the words of tomorrow.




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