Without being too “intense” i write………

I don’t mean cool as in “man shes awesome” (although i am lol) but you know just cool like “chill”, I don’t let much get to me. I play that role so well its who i am but sometimes i just wanna spazz out on ppl. Its frustrating when you go out of your way and do so much for others but see nothing in return.

How much can you give before you run out??? When do things get recognized and appreciated???

I’m very vocal, assertive and have been told intimidating, but at the same time i let so much just ride out and I’m the last person to ever ask for anything. Don’t get it twisted i notice and analyze everything but i know how to pick and choose my battles and most of the time i feel that things aren’t worth it and should be kept internal, But that does not take the weight off. I have so much going on in my head its redic and probably slightly unhealthy lol. Oh well I’m human, people annoy me regularly, i know how to brush things off and look at the bigger picture but keep in mind there is a lot that hides behind a smile.

Well that’s about as much as i can give you. I realized i had yet to write anything personal or any “real” thoughts in here, and since this is my place, i thought why not.

Ok Back to illustrator/Photoshop i go……On a side note I’m cooking up some really cool shit over here that I’m extremely excited about. Cant tell you much about it but come November you shall seeeeeeee





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