Life looks a little different behind Tom Ford shades, top down, an amazing beauty on my side, sun beaming, system pumping, this is LIFE . Kinda shallow huh? LOL. Who gives a fuck? I’m living my dream. I hear people talk about what they are “gonna do” or “watch when I” or my current favorite “I had that same idea yo”… Word? True True…Die! Only idiots talk, the strong move quiet. Sorry for my pointless ramble, I don’t talk much (kinda weird for a “rapper” huh?) but yea, if you know me, you know i’m the most outspoken ant-social asshole living. I just dont get to give my opinion that much, I don’t deem many people worthy of my insight. So to my real friends they get stuck hearing me preach about upfiftment and progression. Since Steve is one I consider a good friend, I shall ramble on his blog! Hahahahaha.

Nah but Life is beautiful. Enjoy everyday like tomor never existed. Haters are just admirers disguised. Listen to that little voice inside of you, hopefully its telling you to keep going and never look back. The president is black, so one of the black mans biggest excuses has just got thrown out the window. We can no longer say “the white man is holding me back”. Sucks dont it? You got used to that quote right? Fucking lame. Grow up and show up. Lets make Obama look good, its only gonna benefit the rest of us in the long run. We can all be something, we must reach though. I wish you all success and healthy lives. Now go read a book.



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